If You Are A Skateboard Beginner, Here Are Five Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Board

Skateboarding can be fun with the right gear

V. Kumara Swamy Published Oct 26, 2020 18:27:00 IST
If You Are A Skateboard Beginner, Here Are Five Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Board Photo: Shutterstock

It may seem difficult at first, but like with skating or cycling, you can ace skateboarding too after a bit of practice. But the first task is to find a skateboard that puts you at ease. Here are five things you should know when choosing a skateboard for yourself: 

1. How wide should be the deck? That’s the board width in skateboard lingo. It is the deck that gives you a sense of stability and confidence. Beginners will feel confident on a board they can stand on and skate. An 8-8.5-inch deck is ideal for beginners. If you are buying it for your kids, go for a narrower deck.  

2. Shape of the board: They do come in various shapes, but for a beginner, a conventional shape should be fine. Avoid steep concaves; instead go for mellow concaves (the curves at the edges of the skateboard) if you are looking for stability. As you learn the tricks, you can go for a board with a steeper conclave. 

3. Aren’t all wheels the same? Beginners may feel that way, but avoid using hard wheels for your skateboard. With medium-hard and wider wheels, you will be in a better position to learn and won’t have to get bothered by the small bumps and pebbles on the road. You can move to harder wheels once you are more confident about your skills. 

4. What kind of trucks should I choose? In skateboard lingo, truck is the axle of the skateboard. The trucks are fitted to the board. Normally, they come with the board, but you should ensure that their size matches the width of the deck. They should not stick out. For an 8-8.5-inch wide deck, 8-inch trucks should be fine. 

5. What about protective gear? Whether you are a beginner or an expert skateboarder, some basics like a helmet and knee pads are a must. So, when purchasing a skateboard for the first time, make sure you also invest in a sturdy and strong helmet and a pair of knee pads.

Happy cruising!

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