A Game of Darts: Once Played Only For Fun At English Inns, It Is A Global Sport Now

You can bond with family and friends over a game of darts

V. Kumara Swamy Published Oct 22, 2020 14:26:49 IST
A Game of Darts: Once Played Only For Fun At English Inns, It Is A Global Sport Now Photo: Shutterstock

A game of darts can be a fun way to bring your family and friends together. The game is quite popular with kids too as it improves hand-eye coordination. The indoor game is believed to have been invented in England. By 19th century, the game was being played at English inns and taverns and rose to global popularity in the 20th century. 

The board 

The traditional dartboard is divided into 20 sections, and the six rings determine the scoring system. If your dart manages to hit the bull’s-eye of the innermost ring, you score 50 points. You score fewer points as you move outward. There are no rules on how you can throw a dart, but the average distance from which you can throw a dart is roughly 2.37 metre. 

The origin 

Not much is known about who played the first game of dart, but many believe it goes back to the early 16 century during the reign of Henry VIII. It is said that he asked his archers to hone their skills all through the year so that they were always battle-ready. Some archers, for fun, started throwing arrows instead of shooting, and that’s how the game was born.

Because of the harsh English weather, the outdoor sport was soon moved indoors and the arrows were shortened. By 20th century, the game had become more standardized. 

How to choose a dartboard 

According to the World Darts Federation (WDF), “The weight and shape of darts vary enormously, as do the shapes of the flights. We recommend that you try as many different types of darts and flights as possible before making a purchase.” Once you know how different darts behave, you can decide what suits you best.

A game of darts can be played in various ways; the most common being one player pitted against another. If you are in a group of four, you can play in “pairs”, with two members in each team.


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