Banaras Ghat by Ram Kumar

 An Oil on canvas painting on the landscape of the Banaras Town that...

Flag (Warped) by Ayesha Singh

Metal and Digital Print on Silk, 2020 51 x 91.4 cm


Turning the World Upside Down, Jerusalem: Anish Kapoor's Hourglass Installation Brings Sky At Your Feet

This 16-foot-tall Stainless Steel Installation by Anish Kapoor is...


Winter: Amrita Sher-Gil Makes Even Desolation Look Beautiful

In this 1939 oil-on-canvas, Amrita Sher-Gil covers Hungarian village...


Rajdhani Train Arrives in Mumbai: Santosh Verma Takes Us On A Trip Down Memory Lane

Santosh Verma’s 1990 photograph of the Rajdhani Express arriving in...