We Got A Makeover!

Our timeless magazine in a brand-new design

Sanghamitra Chakraborty Updated: Jun 3, 2019 18:03:45 IST
We Got A Makeover!

We can be a little funny while dealing with change. I had an uncle who reorganized his furniture every once in a while, just to break the monotony. My father used to throw a fit if a single chair was moved from its place. We hate sameness, yet prefer status quo.

When we decided to give Reader’s Digest a makeover, we wanted it to be fresh and bold, but we steered clear of reinventing the wheel. What our global designers did, instead, was fall back on a classic look from a 1951 issue that had a border around the headlines, which “felt intelligent and approachable”. They played around with it a bit and turned it into the frame that surrounds the names of our sections and departments.

Long-time readers may remember the extremely popular column ‘I Am Joe’s Body'—we have drawn inspiration from it for a new series ‘I Am The Food On Your Plate’. We also have a new column, ‘Memory Room’, that captures heart-warming nostalgia on spaces, the Culturescape section that is richer, younger and more varied and The Genius Section that’s a must-read for all ages!

Most reader favourites, such as the humour columns, Quotable Quotes, Drama in Real Life and Bonus Read, will continue.

Do tell us what you think of this classic look and the new ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

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