A Note From The Editor: Sorry, Not Sorry

This Independence issue, we're celebrating those special weird, wacky and wayward ways, that make us desis incurably Indian.

Sanghamitra Chakraborty Updated: Sep 10, 2019 11:29:55 IST
A Note From The Editor: Sorry, Not Sorry Siddhant Jumde

Many years ago we had left our home in Kolkata to go to a friend’s lunch near Gariahat, a 15-minute walk away. A bit late, we rushed to a black-and-yellow taxi outside our gate. The driver was resting on the front seat—he lifted his head with great effort and looked up.

“Gariahat? You want to take a taxi to … Gariahat?” he asked, scowling.

“Yes, will you drop us?” my husband asked.

“Young people these days, I tell you. It’s around the corner—walk!” And he went back to sleep, leaving us stunned.

Let this be clear: I will rage, angst or laugh at my hometown, but I will have no one else mock it. Ditto for this country. There are any number of situations in India that leave us with our hair standing on end, like that ‘Shock laga’ ad, too many things that don’t work, or won’t work; people who will be flaky, rude, fib casually, break queues and the law. But ultimately we desis are known for our dil and sense of humour; we will poke fun at ourselves, but won’t hear of it from an outsider.

We celebrate our Independence day, and laugh at ourselves a bit, in ‘Incurably Indian’. ‘India’s Greatest Givers’ is our tribute to a handful of extraordinary Indians. In ‘Mightier than the Sword’, I meet an exceptional man—a warrior–survivor—who has risen up in challenge against extreme injustice and oppression. While ‘The Right To Education’ focuses on an important issue, ‘The Road To Lahore’, full of love and nostalgia, is a must-read.

Let’s raise a toast to freedom!

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