Mithali Raj's Egalitarian Empire

I hope for a world that encourages true freedom of expression. Under my reign, anyone can speak without the fear of censorship, retribution or ridicule.

Gagan Dhillon Updated: Oct 1, 2018 17:21:54 IST
Mithali Raj's Egalitarian Empire Illustration By Keshav Kapil

The voiceless would have a voice

I hope for a world that encourages true freedom of expression. Under my reign, anyone can speak without the fear of censorship, retribution or ridicule. They would not be persecuted for standing up for their beliefs or for having an opinion, whatever it may be. There are some people who don't voice their views because they fear being written off. I would offer them a safe space. Even those who otherwise choose to remain silent will be persuaded to come out and share their opinion. Anyone who misrepresents facts and opinions would lose privileges. My rules will hold fast for all; there will be no exceptions.

The common man would not be forgotten

Every day would be a celebration of the hard-working common man. Today, people forget that the average person's life is filled with daily challenges. In the noise of celebrity culture the ordinary person is often ignored. In my world, we'd seek inspiration from such people. They would serve as role models. We would expand the definition of success so that it goes beyond material wealth and acknowledges individual creativity and growth.

Children would be happy

In my world, schools will not open early in the morning. Children would get to sleep in just a little while longer. I would ban heavy school bags and teachers would not be allowed to burden children with tons of homework. They would have to ensure that each student has understood the subject well. Schools in my world would shun rote learning and encourage children to use their creativity. School would end a little early so that there is enough time to play in the evenings. Children would have the time to enjoy their childhood.

The rat race would be left to rats

Aggressive competition can have negative consequences, pitting people against each other, making them self-centred and alienating those who need a helping hand. People would work together, growing as individuals and as a team. No skill or quality would be ignored or deemed unfit for success. Healthy competition would be encouraged, be it in college or at the workplace, and we would celebrate every individual's ability.

Compassion and tolerance for all

There would be no place for gender disparity. Citizens would learn to be more compassionate towards each other. I would pass a law that would eliminate gender bias in every aspect of life. Laws would also ensure the eradication of social discrimination. Men, women and children will live in harmony with each other and their environment. We'd be tolerant of different ways of life, cultures and religions.

Caring for the planet

There are so many campaigns to protect the environment today. However, these are not fruitful because people only care for a finite period and get busy in their day-to-day life afterwards. I would like my citizens to be compassionate towards nature and protective of wildlife. We'd nurture the land we live on, giving back more than we take.


Mithali Raj is the captain of the Indian women's cricket team. She became the first woman cricketer to cross the 6,000-run mark in ODIs during India's ICC Women's World Cup 2017.

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