Make Your Money Count

Editor's note from February 2018

Sanghamitra Chakraborty Updated: Sep 4, 2018 13:15:49 IST
Make Your Money Count

I have an aunt who, like any senior citizen, worries about where to invest her money. Her son says she is addicted to insurance—it’s like smoking for her. She buys it compulsively for herself and her children. The truth is, seeing that she lives alone and has money to invest, banks and agents mis-sell a load of products that bag them handsome commissions. This is entirely to their benefit, not hers. 

Financial advice can be a slippery slope. Who do you trust, how do you know you are on firm ground? While money decisions are based on hard facts, markets tend to follow their own logic, swayed by hype and sentiment. How do you keep your nest egg safe and make it grow so that life is comfortable—now and post-retirement?

Reader’s Digest identified top investment experts for the best advice possible for our annual money issue—just in time for this financial year. They have broken down the fundamentals in our cover story and shared solid tips on what to do with your money right now. Before you start, remember, each of us needs to use this information and fit it to our personal goals and risk appetites. Also, think long term and do not keep everything in one basket.  Most important, use your gut feel to spot good advice and be skeptical.

For all those who want to put meaning before money, there is ‘Imagine You Can ...’ which will inspire you to transition to a life of giving, without having to worry about your finances. Also, read ‘Unmasking Aadhaar’,  by Sucheta Dalal, to understand the grim realities of the biometric system

We celebrate the month of love with stories from our readers in ‘In the Mood for Love’. Reading them I recalled The Beatles anthem, ‘All You Need Is Love’. What’s not to love about February, then?

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