Absurdly Positive

Throwback to January, when seven comedy stars kick-started 2018 with their new year wish.

Ayushi Thapliyal Updated: Dec 31, 2018 12:22:12 IST
Absurdly Positive

Not so long ago news broke that scientists had discovered a virus that caused stupidity. Given the epidemic levels of half-witted behaviour, online and off, it took time for people to believe it was fake news. It was simply too close to home. Yet again, human stupidity was in the forefront in 2017. Times like these make bright people, who also make us laugh, more precious to us.

We asked some of the country's most-loved comedians to share their special wish for 2018. 


Neeti Palta, Twitter: neetipalta

There should be special gyms where people can develop a beefy sense of humour. Wouldn't it be more fun to watch parliamentary or news channel debates where people get their point across using wit rather than sheer lung power? The world would be a better place if everyone took themselves just a little less seriously. If that's too much to ask for, then I wish for a special wing in hospitals to treat people with hurt sentiments and a special cell for serial offence-takers.


Sorabh Pant, Twitter: hankypanty

In 2018, let's start using this technology called talking. It's archaic, but free. Let's stop with the screaming, threats and offering money for people's heads, noses or other body parts. Talk. Debate. Have discussions. Additionally, it would be good to see balanced people speak up more. Let's not get so jaded that we only hear the loud voices of violent lunatics.


Sapan Verma, Twitter: sapanv

I wish people would stop wasting time on social media and do something productive instead. Every platform is designed to make you insecure and anxious! Twitter is toxic because trolls thrive on negativity. Facebook is depressing because it looks like everybody is happier than you are. And Instagram is just sad because there are SO many hot models and I know none of them. So get off the internet already (but continue watching my videos).


Mallika Dua, Twitter: MallikaDua

Stop electing the wrong people in power. Stop letting them tell you what is good for you. And stop tolerating trolling!


Sahil Shah, Twitter: SahilBulla

I wish that this year Indians become less worked up over senseless issues and focus their outrage on making the country better, safer and way friendlier than what it is. We need to learn to outrage less and laugh more. Hope that happens soon.


Radhika Vaz, Twitter: radvaz

I wish that all men who feel the need to let us know that #NotAllMen are sexist, misogynistic half-wits would just stop. We know not all men are idiots. But the ones who feel the need to remind us of that constantly most certainly are. I wish for women to stop caring what anyone, least of all a dude, thinks. It's precisely what got us into this patriarchal mess in the first place.


Vir Das, Twitter: thevirdas 

My wish is that any opinion of any kind is met with tolerance. For us to find our ability to 'agree to disagree' once again. If none of the above is possible ... free biscuits for everyone.

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