The Road to Love and a Cheating Disorder

It happens only in India 

Naorem Anuja Published Oct 14, 2021 18:09:08 IST
The Road to Love and a Cheating Disorder “Will you please lend me `10,000? I will pay it back after I win KBC.” Illustration: Raju Epuri

Common Good

In a rather aggressive ‘self-help’ manoeuvre Sheetal Kumar from Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir, pulled off quite the trespass. Frustrated at the town’s acute water crisis, Kumar laid claim to a government-installed community hand pump by constructing a house around it. This pump now lies inside the Kumar household, occupying prime real estate in the kitchen. Gumption aside, Kumar deed is illegal and the Jal Shakti department has asked the local police to lodge an FIR and initiate action against this brazen encroachment of public property.


Rocky Road to Love

Among the several variables that could possibly derail your path to wedded bliss, who knew that rocky roads leading to your home could serve as the prime deterrent! But, we live and learn: A 26-year-old schoolteacher Bindu from H. Rampura, Karnataka, wrote to chief minister Basavaraj Bommai bemoaning bad roads as the reason for the paucity of marriage offers to residents. Bindu wrote, “Many of us don’t get offers of marriage because outsiders think that children won’t be able to get an education here due to lack of proper roads.” Bindu’s predicament has drawn a swift assurance from the chief minister’s office. Hopefully, H. Rampura will soon have wedding bells toll for those willing and ready.


A Cheating disorder

Recently, Rajasthan police discovered a ‘hi-tech’ cheating racket spanning the state. To matters more morally dubious the exam people were caught cheating on is the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET). Sandals were fitted with bluetooth and mobile devices, and sold for a tidy sum of over `2 lakh. These ‘upgraded’ slippers allowed the teacher hopefuls to receive answers from outside the exam hall. This, despite the 12-hour internet shutdown expressly imposed across the state for conducting free and fair exams. Human ingenuity and fraud truly know no bounds!


Eye of the needle

With vaccination still offering the best protection against the COVID-19 bug, we wholly encourage everyone to go get their approved two shots. 73-year-old Uttar Pradesh resident did the same, only his vaccination certificate reflected otherwise. His certificate reported that he had received five jabs already, and the sixth was scheduled between December 2021 and January 2022. Authorities have cited this anomaly as a “case of mischief and conspiracy” done by “mischievous elements” who may have hacked into the portal. With the UK government’s doubt over India’s vaccine certification process ruffling feathers, mum’s the word from our end.


Faith in Fortune

We don’t know if there a first among equals in the Hindu pantheon, but we report that Lord Sanwaliya Seth is the one with the moolah. Situated near Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan, his temple draws not just blossoms and fruits as offerings, but also dollars, rupees, gold or silver jewellery and even gold biscuits at his shrine. Worshipped as the lord extraordinaire of all things business, devotees rush in with riches to ensure that his blessings continue to help their trade flower and flourish. When the donation box was opened on Krishna Chaturdashi, its contents included one kilo gold biscuits, jewellery and over `5.48 crore in cash. Guess it really does help to keep the faith.


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