Swipe for a Sister, a Lost Case and More

It Happens only in India!

Naorem Anuja Published Sep 21, 2022 14:52:15 IST
Swipe for a Sister, a Lost Case and More "Strange. He usually just sits and looks judgemental.” Cartoon by Raju Epuri

Flight Response

32-year-old Samdarshi Yadav was all set to board his flight to the Maldives when an ill-informed judgement call he made in the past came to haunt his present. In 2019,Yadav had torn off 10 pages from his passport, to hide a particular piece of travel history from his wife—a pleasure trip to Thailand with another woman. Unfortunately, doing so constituted a crime, a fact he discovered when immigration officials at Mumbai International Airport detained and charged him with forgery and violation of the Passport Act. Suffice it to say, all roads to moral corruption are best laid with basic research.

Source: timesofindia.com


Talking of not breaking a moral sweat, we introduce you to a whole franchise of swindlers in our next tale. A few enterprising youth from Molipur village in Gujarat helped fake the IPL tournament, leaving the Russian punters located in Tver, Voronezh, and Moscow lighter by several thousand rubles. As reported by the Times Of India the mastermind behind the con was a certain Shoeb Davda. 

During an eight-month stay in Russia, Davdamet Asif Mohammed, who introduced Russian gamblers to the nuances of the gentleman’s game. Criminal moorings aside, the duo’s attention to detail was immaculate: HD cameras and halogen lights were placed around a field, speakers mimicked stadium fan chants, umpires could be seen walking around with walkie-talkies and there was even a match where ‘players’ could be seen swapping jerseys—all this was up for anyone’s viewing pleasure on the livestream they had going for two whole weeks on YouTube. The con was only caught out during the‘ quarter-finals’ when the police nabbed the swindlers while taking a delivery of Rs 3 lakh from Russian bettors.

Source: outlookindia.com

Delivering the goods

A recent video enjoying its fifteen minutes of internet fame was one of a food delivery agent riding a white horse in the Mumbai rains, presumably on his way to complete a delivery. The man and his noble steed have of course gone viral, prompting the food aggregator Swiggy—whose monogrammed delivery bag can be seen on the horse rider's back—to jump in and announced a bounty of '5,000 for help to locate the ‘gallant young star’. Such was the flurry caused by the food knight and his horse that now, when a user tracks their order on their app, the moving icon is of an agent on a horse. What a way to stirrup traction!

Source: economictimes.com

Puff Puff Pass

For those who cannot keep off the grass, there is allyship from rather unexpected quarters. Offering up his “personal opinion” regarding the ruling party’s poll promise of prohibition, Chhattisgarh MLA Dr Krishnamurti Bandhi has suggested that the use of cannabis and bhang—an edible drink made out cannabis—be encouraged as alternatives to liquor, claiming that persons hooked on these substances rarely commit offences like rape, murder and dacoity, unlike those high on hooch. Sale and consumption of cannabis is banned in the country, while bhang is permitted under law. Much ado of this was made by the ruling party, who have accused the former state health minister of promoting addiction. But before we further bay for Bandhi’s blood, may be its good to rid ourselves of ‘high’ expectations from our elected lot.

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