What Makes Wet Wipes A Home Essential

From cleaning babies to removing makeup to sanitizing surfaces, wet wipes have many uses

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 30, 2020 11:35:22 IST
What Makes Wet Wipes A Home Essential

If you think wet wipes are solely meant for cleaning babies after changing diapers, you are mistaken. From helping you remove makeup to sanitizing surfaces, wet wipes can do all that and more. 

Know your wipes 

Although they resemble cotton, wet wipes contain anything but cotton. “They are generally made from non-woven materials–usually fibrous materials like cellulose from wood pulp, sometimes reinforced with polymers like viscose. Non-flushable wipes may include man-made fibres like poly(ethylene) or poly(propylene) for extra strength,” writes Philip Broadwith for Chemistry World, the magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Most wet wipes contain plastic, but there are biodegradable options too—it is important to read the label before making a purchase. Also, once used on a surface, avoid using the same wet wipe again on another surface as it could spread germs. 

The many uses of wet wipes 

Wet wipes have always found favour with new parents who use them to clean their baby while changing diapers or after a meal. While choosing wet wipes for your baby, look for options that are paraben-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Wet wipes also feature prominently in beauty routine, with many using them to remove makeup and nail polish. On a hot and sweaty day, wet wipes can also absorb the sweat on your face, making your feel refreshed. Many varieties are enriched with aloe vera or jojoba oil, which have moisturizing properties.  

They can be used for cleaning surfaces—think tabletops, door knobs, refrigerator, switch boards, laptops, desktops and even phones. They are especially useful when you don’t have a reusable duster around. 

You can also keep a box of wet wipes in your car to clean any accidental spillage while on the go as well as the doors and seat covers. 

Pro tip: Before using them on your skin, check if the wipes are suitable for your skin type. 


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