Three Reasons Why Wearing Blue Ray Protection Glasses Could Save Your Eyes

With a sharp rise in screen time, blue ray protection glasses have almost become a necessity

Aindrisha Mitra Published Aug 28, 2020 23:15:30 IST
Three Reasons Why Wearing Blue Ray Protection Glasses Could Save Your Eyes Photo: Shutterstock

Are you someone who spends a lot of time in front of your desktop or laptop every day? Then it is high time you protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the blue ray by wearing a suitable pair of glasses.

Blue light has one of the shortest wavelengths in the visible spectrum. While sunlight is the main source of blue light, the fluorescent and energy-efficient lights in our homes and public spaces such as LED lighting are also sources of the blue light.

To avoid damaging your vision, you can go for special glare-reducing glasses with anti-reflective coating. Additionally, if you are near- or far-sighted, you should consult your optician regarding the kind of lens that will best aid your sight.

Here, we list three reasons why you could opt for blue ray protection glasses:

1. As it suppresses melatonin, blue light is believed to disrupt sleep patterns, though a recent study has argued otherwise. Regardless, limiting exposure to light, especially during bedtime, is essential for a good night’s sleep, and blue light-blocking glasses can help you do that.

2. Light from digital devices is one of the many sources of blue light. While the stream of light from these devices does not particularly damage your eyes, you would do well to limit the exposure to this light to avoid developing sleep issues further down the line. A number of devices come with filters; otherwise, you could go with an amber-tinted or yellow-tinted lens to shield your eyes.

3. The more time you spend in front of a computer screen (or any digital device), the greater the risk of suffering headaches, eye strain and blurry vision. Blue ray-blocking glasses can potentially prevent such ailments from occurring.

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