Sweating Over Body Odour? Time You Switch To A Deodorant

On a hot, sweaty day, a deodorant is a must-have in your bag

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 5, 2020 12:57:02 IST
Sweating Over Body Odour? Time You Switch To A Deodorant Photo: Shutterstock

If the heat is taking a toll on you and you can’t bear the smell of stinking underarms, don’t sweat. All you need is an efficient deodorant. Deodorants don’t really stop you from sweating. They, instead, mask body odour by checking bacterial growth in the armpits.

Typically, deodorants or deos, as they are popularly known, are alcohol-based, but newer alcohol-free variants have hit the market too. Some deodorants work as anti-perspirants too—they prevent the sweat glands from releasing sweat.

The sweaty areas of your body harbour bacteria, therefore, you should target those while applying a deodorant—think underarms, fold of your elbows and wrists. Here’s a look at the different types of deodorants you can use:

Spray deodorants

An increasingly popular choice, deodorant spray is easy and quick to apply. Unlike a roll-on, you don’t have to wait for the formula to dry and then start dressing. For those on the move, a spray deo is an ideal choice.


As the name suggests, you basically roll the deo on your skin. These are liquid-based deodorants that take a while to dry after application. However, roll-ons score high when it comes to even coverage and target application.


Easy to carry, deodorant sticks are cream-based. All you need to do is apply it using a few broad strokes on each underarm.

Pro tip: For best results, make sure you rub the areas dry before applying a deodorant. 

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