Protect Yourself And Others By Wearing Masks When You Step Out

Mask your face for stronger immunity—but know how to pick it right

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jun 30, 2020 21:13:09 IST
Protect Yourself And Others By Wearing Masks When You Step Out Photo: Pexels

Face masks are an essential item of everyday use—you simply cannot do without them. They have, in fact, become a prominent protection in our battle against invisible enemies like viruses, microbes and air pollutants.

Face masks come in different shapes and categories. While the high-quality N95 air filters eliminate dust and pollutants, cloth-based masks are for light use like cleaning homes and surfaces. On the other hand, surgical masks, made of non-woven fabric, prevent fogging of vision and wetting of nose bridges, thus providing both comfort and protection. You can also customize your face mask to add to your personality or style.

Here, we take a look at the functions these masks serve:

Medical use

Masks cover the nose and mouth in a manner that prevents the direct transmission of respiratory droplets. If you’re down with a cough, cold or a flu-like symptom, you should wear masks to prevent it from spreading to others, or to stop yourself from being infected further. They provide active protection against diseases like whooping cough or pneumonia and also guard against community-spreading.

Protection against pollution

If you have a severe intolerance towards dust and smoke or are allergic to air-borne substances like pollen and soot, face masks can be your saviour. These masks come with a filter to keep out particulate matter and offer you easy breathing.

Fashion accessory

Several custom-made masks are now available to accentuate your everyday look. Pair a nice mask with hand painting with breezy garments for a summer flaunt or put some adventure on with gothic- or biker-styled mask gears that can make you look edgy.

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