#HealthFix: Top Ways To Boost Your Health And Wellness

What to eat, drink and do to stay health and fight fit

Team RD Updated: Oct 25, 2019 13:24:23 IST
#HealthFix: Top Ways To Boost Your Health And Wellness You need half a litre of water, half an hour before your work­out (Photo: indiapicture)

Got Water?

Did you know that post-workout muscle cramps can also happen due to dehy­dration? “You need half a litre of water, half an hour before your work­out,” says Prevention advisor Vinata Shetty. Post workout, drink a glass of water at least every 20 minutes to avoid dehydration. If you’re exercising outdoors, you’ll need more.

Migraine Miss

If you regularly consume large amounts of caffeine, you set yourself up for withdrawal headaches, which can stimulate your brain’s migraine centre and turn into migraines. Limit the intake to 200 mg a day—that’s roughly one 230-ml cup of coffee.

Custom Workout

No time to hit the gym? Create a workout zone at home. “It’s easy to create a small circuit workout at home—start with 20 jumping jacks, followed by 20 on-the-spot jogs, 20 high kicks, end with 20 knee-ups. Repeat this five to six times to burn 300 calories,” says Sonia Bajaj, fitness and nutrition coach, New Delhi.

Sage Advice

Sage is an excellent source of antioxidants. It helps in cell repair and regeneration. It’s also a good antidote for fatigue and aids digestion. Sage is also known to stave off memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Use it to add flavour to meat dishes. Boil sage leaves in water and gargle to help relieve laryngi­tis and tonsillitis.

Waste to Wheat

Here’s how you can use your kitchen waste to improve the health of your family. Turn the organic waste from your kitchen into compost that you can grow wheatgrass in. The juice from the grass provides chlorophyll, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. We suggest you get the whole family involved in the activity—soaking, sprouting, sowing, water­ing, harvesting and mak­ing the juice. Following this rhythm of growth is therapeutic and calming as well.


Collated from articles previously published in Prevention magazine

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