Good Moringa: Wake Up To The Many Benefits Of This Plant

Now available in powder form, moringa is a storehouse of nutrients

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 29, 2020 17:18:13 IST
Good Moringa: Wake Up To The Many Benefits Of This Plant Photo: Shutterstock

While moringa has been a part of traditional Indian medicine for centuries, moringa powder has recently caught on the fancy of health-conscious millennials who are forever on the lookout for natural supplements to boost their well-being. Touted as a superfood, moringa is not only great for your health but is known to have beauty benefits too. Here’s everything you need to know about its various qualities and uses.

1. Commonly known as “drumstick tree” or “horseradish tree”, Moringa oleifera is native to India but is also found in other semiarid, tropical, and subtropical regions of the world. Since almost every part of the tree is used for either nutritional or commercial purposes, it’s also called the “Miracle Tree”. Moringa powder is derived from drying and crushing the leaves of the tree. It’s light green in colour (almost the colour of henna powder) and has a slightly earthy (spinach-like) taste. It can be mixed with water, added to healthy smoothies and juices, to curries and drinks or even to cake and bread batter or dough.

2. Moringa is packed with essential nutrients. It provides “more than seven times the vitamin C found in oranges, 10 times the vitamin A found in carrots, 17 times the calcium found in milk, nine times the protein found in yogurt, 15 times the potassium found in bananas and 25 the iron found in spinach,” says a paper on the potential uses of moringa in the International Journal of Phytotherapy Research.

3. The high concentration of phytochemicals in moringa is said to help reduce blood sugar levels. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities and is good for your gut.

4. Due to its high iron content, moringa or moringa powder is often recommended by health experts as a substitute to tackle anaemia. This nutritional powerhouse is rich in plant-based protein, essential amino acids, fibre and vitamins B C and E.

5. Beauty-wise, your skin will love moringa. The combination of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids makes for a great skin therapy. When applied topically, moringa can check acne and breakouts, smoothen the complexion by tackling blemishes, pigmentation and fine lines and protect your skin from environmental damage.


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