Fasting And A Liquid Diet Under Supervision May Help You Heal Your Body

Dr Salila Tewari, a renowned expert on naturopathy, talks about the importance of giving your body a break from solid foods

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Apr 6, 2020 20:27:00 IST
Fasting And A Liquid Diet Under Supervision May Help You Heal Your Body

In naturopathy, it is believed that the body does not need any external medicines to cure illnesses. The premise of naturopathy is, “Let food be thy medicine”.

Fasting also forms an important pillar in naturopathy when it comes to healing the body. In fact, fasting is considered one of the most ancient means to reinvigorate and refresh one's body. "It has been proven beyond doubt that when we fast, the toxins in our body are flushed out. It gives our body the chance to cleanse itself," says Salila Tewari, one of India's foremost naturopathy experts.

Tewari refers to ancient wisdom from India, that relied on fasting as a great way to get in shape. These beliefs were shaped by wise sages after they closely observed nature. "You look at wild animals in the jungles. They simply don't eat anything if they are unwell. They recover after a break and get back on their feet and resume work," Tewari points out.

But fasting without any food intake is not Tewari's advice. Nor is it advisable without supervision. "Water and freshly made juices will help you in achieving the twin goals of giving your body enough energy but also in flushing out the toxins faster," she says. However, she strictly advises against drinking canned juices as they may contain preservatives.

Since, during fasting, the body is on an overdrive to flush out toxins and other impure elements from your body, avoiding both physical and mental exertion during this period is essential.

As most of you are at home because of the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown it is not a bad idea to give naturopathy and fasting a shot during this time, only with the advice of a well-regarded practitioner. This will give your body a chance to heal itself.

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