Craving For Sugar? Try These Sweeteners Instead

If you are looking for a sugar substitute, try honey, coconut sugar, jaggery and stevia

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: May 10, 2020 12:50:10 IST
Craving For Sugar? Try These Sweeteners Instead Photo: Shutterstock

Coconut Sugar

Also called coconut palm sugar, coconut sugar looks like brown sugar. Compared to regular sugar, it has a low glycemic index—in other words, it doesn’t cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels the way regular sugar does.

Use it: Coconut sugar has a hint of caramel flavour. You can use it as a replacement for white sugar, in the same ratio, in your everyday cooking and baking.


Jaggery, a staple in many Indian kitchens and often used as a home remedy for cough and cold, is rich in iron. However, if you have diabetes, don’t think replacing sugar with jaggery will help you as it contains high levels of sucrose.

Use it: You can use jaggery in cakes and cookies in place of sugar.


This sugar substitute has zero calories and is 200 times sweeter than sugar. According to an article published on National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website, “Stevia is a natural-origin sweetener that is increasing the options for reduced sugar and reduced energy foods and beverages. Stevia shows promise as a tool to help lower energy intakes, which may lead to the reduction and prevention of obesity.”

Use it: While the research on health benefits of stevia is underway, you can use it in limited quantities in baking recipes and to make desserts. 

Raw/Organic Honey

Extensively used in traditional medicine, honey has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of B vitamins and minerals like potassium, zinc and calcium.

Use it: Fitness enthusiasts swear by a spoonful of honey in lukewarm lemon water every morning. You can enjoy it with French toast or baked goodies.  As always, the key is to use it in small portions.

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