Carry A Water Sipper To Beat Your Thirst Anytime, Anywhere

Smart and easy to carry, these bottles are easy on the pocket too

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 24, 2020 20:26:05 IST
Carry A Water Sipper To Beat Your Thirst Anytime, Anywhere Photo: Shutterstock

If you are into activities that frequently leave you dehydrated, a water sipper can be a handy and valuable companion. Since they are portable, you can carry them even when you are on the move.

Some of these sippers are made of stainless steel, while others have a regular plastic make. They come with varying features, colours, designs and shapes for greater functionality.

Here’s why you should opt for one.

Chic and trendy

Gone are those days when you turned red at the thought of carrying a big, fat sipper to school. Sippers these days come in stylish designs and some of them are rather flaunt-worthy.

Environment friendly

The increased availability of environment-friendly options is another bonus. A number of manufacturers are moving away from plastic, instead relying on non-disposable alternatives. Stainless steel and aluminium sippers are gaining popularity.

Lightweight and leakproof

Many of these sippers have a slim body making it easy for you to carry them in your bags. They are also airtight and have a screw lock that prevents water from dripping or leaking and drenching your bag.

Highly functional

Water sippers are easy to clean and maintain. They are designed to ensure better grip.

They are mostly resistant to temperature fluctuations. Aluminum- or stainless-steel sippers offer better insulation and can keep the drink warmer or cooler for a longer period of time, compared to their plastic counterparts. 

They are motion-proof too so you can carry them around without worrying about the contents spilling.

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