Bond With Family And Friends Over A Game Of Carrom

This indoor game is a favourite in many homes

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jan 6, 2021 23:12:47 IST
Bond With Family And Friends Over A Game Of Carrom Photo: Shutterstock

Tired of sitting in front of the screen all the time? Maybe it’s time you shake the dust off the carrom board that has been lying in a corner of your room for years, if not decades. Besides being a stress-buster, a round of carrom with the family post-work can be a great way to bring everyone together.  

Know your game

A carrom board is usually made of plywood while the frames are wooden, with a pocket on each corner. Believed to have been originated in India, carrom is now played in nearly 50 countries.

Besides the carrom board, you need carrom men—the wooden discs—nine each in black and white and one in red, and a striker. Ivory strikers have been replaced by those made of tough plastic. Besides regular carrom boards, you also have the option of going for a water-resistant one. Look for a board with smooth surface for a better playing experience.  

Two or four players can play a game of carrom, with each trying to pocket as many carrom men (one point for one carrom man) as possible, using the striker. The red disc, also known as the queen, carries three points.

How board games help

After a stressful day of work, a game of carrom with family can help you unwind. Since the aim is to pocket the carrom man, this indoor game demands skill and concentration.

This is how the All India Carrom Federation describes the indoor game: “It is a scientific game and is based on physics and geometry. It requires thorough knowledge of angles, deftness of touch, keen sight and superlative control of nerves besides mental and physical fitness. It also requires skill and deep concentration.”

So, keep playing!

Pro-tip: Apply a bit of talcum powder on the surface of the carrom board before you begin the game. It helps the striker move better on the board.



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