Go Back To Board Games As You Spend More Time At Home

Enjoy downtime with your family and keep your children engaged with these indoor games

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Apr 20, 2020 14:02:35 IST
Go Back To Board Games As You Spend More Time At Home

With staying indoors slowly becoming the new reality, many children can find it extremely difficult to cope with this unprecedented scenario.

Several mental health experts suggest that parents should keep their children engaged by engaging them in pleasurable activities. Playing board games with them is certainly one great option.

Here are some classic ones that can help you and your children unwind and bond better in these stressful times.

Building Blocks

While being fun, building blocks can enhance children’s logical thinking and provide mental stimulation. And there’s plenty to choose from—Marvel-themed, Star Wars-themed or Disney-themed. 


Based on the principles of buying and trading, this popular game has been in the business forages. As the name suggests, if you strategize well, you can bankrupt other players and monopolize the market. While the traditional monopoly game is still great, you now also have the option of buying an electronic version, where you can play the game with the touch of a finger. 


If you want your children to improve their vocabulary, scrabble is a great board game to start with. This game makes you think hard about possible word combinations using a set number of alphabets. 


The rules of this game are simple, which makes it a fun activity for a group. You need to build a tower from the 54 small wooden blocks and players take turns to remove a block and balance it on top of the tower, slowly creating an increasingly unstable structure as the game moves forward.The game ends when the tower falls.

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