Two Men Drive Back 80 Kms To Dispose Of Pizza Boxes, A Doctor Pays Rs 31 Lakh For Aladdin's Lamp And More

It happens only in India!

Naorem Anuja,Team RD Published Dec 18, 2020 16:41:13 IST
Two Men Drive Back 80 Kms To Dispose Of Pizza Boxes, A Doctor Pays Rs 31 Lakh For Aladdin's Lamp And More Illustration by Raju Epuri

Two men and a pizza box

We’ll start from the top(ping). A pair of travellers driving through picturesque Coorg did what most of our countrymen do every day: litter without conscience, or consequence. Except, these men and the pizza boxes they had carelessly tossed on the side of the road happened to come to the attention of trash-intolerant Madetira Thimmaiah, General Secretary of Kodagu Tourism Association. Thimmaiah tracked down their number from the bill he found in the pizza boxes, called them and asked that they return to clean up. Upon their refusal to do so, Thimmaiah shared their number with the police, and circulated it on social media. Inundated with calls, the men turned around and drove 80 kms to pick up and dispose of the boxes properly. We love the commitment to cleaner streets, but the resulting carbon emission from their drive of shame leads one to wonder if it was all a bit penny-wise, pound foolish.


The watch 

It was 4 a.m. and 18-year-old Kunal Mohite was wide awake on a binge-watching marathon, when he saw his kitchen cave in. Tearing himself away from the screen, he raised an alarm to vacate the building and saved the lives of all 75 occupants of the two-storey building in Kopar, Dombivli. Mohite may not be the hero the occupants of his building expected—he doesn’t wear a cape and it is likely he has a streaming addiction—but he was the hero they needed.

Source: ANI 

Not a bird, nor a plane 

Folks in Dankaur, Uttar Pradesh, were sure they were under an alien invasion. Mid-October, an unidentified flying object had been spotted in the Dankaur skies, which sparked fears among the residents. The object eventually landed in a canal near Bhatta Parsaul village.

ironman-shaped-balloon_121820043917.jpgNoida Police with the captured errant balloon. Photo: Twitter/@noidapolice

The anxiety that had gripped the hundreds who had gathered to examine this object subsided only once the Noida police stepped in and investigated the matter. Their findings: The ‘alien’ object was a large Ironman-shaped balloon, whose unusual shape and size had whipped this small town into a frenzy.


Tall tales of Agrabah 

In a storytelling con that could put Scheherazade to shame, a trio from UP swindled a city doctor of Rs 31 lakhs by selling him ‘Aladdin’s lamp’—the mythical artefact which upon rubbing produces a wish-granting genie. This cliffhanger featuring an ailing mother, a godman and even an appearance by Aladdin, convinced Dr L. A. Khan that the magical totem that could bring him “wealth, health and good fortune” was his for the taking for only Rs 1.5 crore. It was only later, after he had paid a hefty down payment, that the good doctor realized it was all smoke and mirrors. The two swindlers have since been nabbed by the Meerut police, but the woman who played the role of ailing mother is still on the run.



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