These Cat Videos Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Stop and give your feline friends a look, they will reward you instantly

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 13, 2020 16:15:09 IST
These Cat Videos Will Bring A Smile To Your Face Cats that will leave you in splits (All screenshots courtesy Twitter)

Even those who think cats lack empathy cannot claim that they lack personality. Since before there were emojis—or even words, possibly—cats have been teaching humans how to react to life.

Here, we curate some funny and heart-warming cat moments that went viral on social media.

The DJ Cat

The lockdown has given DJs a burst of global recognition, and none deserve it more than this four-legged maverick here.

Clash at Cat Camp

These cats turn fierce competitors looking for the best spot in and around a tent.

Tom Cruises

What else could we call this Fast and Furious feline?

The Narcissist

This cat can’t take its eyes off the mirror. And why not?

Slumberer Party

You think you have been unproductive this lockdown? Let this magnificent sleeper show you how to do it.

You talking to me?!

Robert de Niro could take tips from this one, in case there’s a Taxi Driver sequel.

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