Strange Simian Behaviour, Unsolicited Marital Advice And More

Monkeys stealing blood samples, a patriotic divorce and a 'purifying' fire—there are some things that can only happen in India

Naorem Anuja Published Jun 4, 2020 15:08:14 IST
Strange Simian Behaviour, Unsolicited Marital Advice And More Photo used for representational purposes only (Courtesy Pikrepo)

Monkey business

Monkey menace got very, very serious at the Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College and Hospital in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. These monkeys were, well, monkeying around, and made away with the blood samples of COVID-19 positive patients. They snatched it from a laboratory technician, while he was transporting it, in the campus of this state-run medical college.

The video, that of course went viral on social media, shows the monkeys perched atop a tree and gnawing at what looks like surgical gloves, which they had stolen along with the blood samples. Meanwhile, the lab assistant, who made the executive decision to record the aftermath of the theft on his phone, instead of alerting the hospital authorities immediately has been asked by the local police to explain this in writing: how the monkeys managed to overpower him and why he felt videography was more urgent than raising alarm. We have another question—why were blood samples being carried outdoors without putting them in a lock box? Though the authorities have reiterated that there are no studies establishing that monkeys can be carriers of the novel coronavirus, but with COVID-19 numbers soaring daily, Meerut shouldn’t have to add to their existing woes about monkey mischief—agonizing over whether they can or cannot serve as carriers of Corona.



Divorce your wife, it’s patriotic

Marriages, as they say, are made in heaven. But divorces? If we were to ask BJP MLA Nandkishor Gurjar, they are devices, best resorted to when one needs to send a patriotic message. The MLA advised Indian skipper Virat Kohli to divorce his actor wife Anushka Sharma urgently, she being the producer of Paatal Lok, a web-series that has cause deep offence to the lawmaker. Gurjar has an axe to grind with the show, as his image has been used in it without his permission. It has since been reported that the filmmakers have removed the said image, but Gurjar continues to be livid. He believes that the show, its plot, the producers, everyone is guilty of sedition, but Virat Kohli, who in Gurjar’s words is “a patriot, he has represented India” cannot have anything to do with such seditious behaviour. He seems convinced that the Indian skipper should be sending the right “message” by divorcing his “seditious” wife. The Indian cricketing star has, of course, been at the receiving end of several delusional demands from fans, however this one seems terribly low.



and then there was fire

Ever heard of the saying, no good deed goes unpunished—well, you can see it now. The video footage of a sanitizing endeavour in Ahmedabad yielding unexpected results has gone viral. You can see a biker passing by security guards, who are disinfecting passing vehicles with antivirus sprays. Seconds after the guards spray the two-wheeler, the vehicle catches fire. While the rider jumped off and ran to safety, the guards leapt into action. They dragged the sanitizer box away from the flames, and one of them ran in with a fire extinguisher as well. But, the extinguisher was not operational and he had to resort to good old H2O to douse the flames. The road to hell is, sometimes, paved with good intentions.

Source: Brut India
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