Smother Dearest, A Not-So-Safe Bank deposit and One Man's Doggy BFF

It Happens Only in India!

Naorem Anuja Published Apr 7, 2021 18:26:23 IST
Smother Dearest, A Not-So-Safe Bank deposit and One Man's Doggy BFF Why maintain distance when we are both ‘positive’! [Cartoon by Raju Epuri]

Cop a Crook

Finding your stolen car after two years, serviced and in ship-shape, should have you jumping for joy, but Omendra Soni was probably too bewildered to celebrate his turn of luck. His WagonR had been stolen in 2018, so imagine Soni’s surprise when he got a call from a service centre for feedback on their services in December 2020.

Upon inquiry, he learnt his stolen car was being used by Bithoor police station officer, Kaushlendra Pratap Singh. The Uttar Pradesh cop alleges he had found the car abandoned and seized it, as per routine police procedure. This, of course, doesn’t explain why he was diligently driving it around and keeping up service appointments. Left red-faced by the matter, the police department has ordered an inquiry into the curious matter. A disquieting case of finders-keepers, we say!

--Spotted by Devika Agarwal


Safe to save?

Rest easy, they said, your money is safe in the bank. But Bank of Baroda account holder Rehna Qutubddin Desarwal, we are sure, will respectfully disagree. In a bid to keep her money safe, this Gujarati woman deposited Rs 2.2 lakhs in a locker, at the bank’s Pratap Nagar branch, only to find termites had made easy pickings of her moolah.

Understandably furious, Desarwal doesn’t want to foot the bill for the termite feast and has filed a complaint with the bank to reimburse her for the losses. The branch has assured its customers that forces of fumigation have been unleashed and all is well now. We just have one question, were the lockers tender?

--Spotted by M. V. Appa Rao


O Smother Dear

We love our mothers dearly, and they sure smother us right back. And that sea of unconditional motherly love doesn’t hinder them from unwittingly embarrassing us. A twitter user by the name of @Aineed-2shutup is one such ‘much-loved’ daughter. In a peak parenting power-move her mother called her boss to get permission to take her to go get a vaccine.

Her tweet thread chronicling her mother pulling her out of work, quickly led to others recounting similar hilarious instances of parents lovingly embarrassing them. Looks like parental ‘love’ is a common cross we all bear.



A man’s best friend

Every dog has its day, and for Jacky—50-year-old Om Narayan Verma’s four-legged sidekick—life’s good! Furious with his family feuding over ancestral property, Verma has named his wife, Champa Bai, and his beloved Jacky as his legal heirs. The will clearly states only those who look after the cherished canine as their own, will inherit his share after his demise. Clearly loved and now part-owner of 21 acres, Jacky’s one lucky dog!

--Spotted by Mandadi Parthasarathy

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