Roti Vs Paratha: The Battle Of The Breads Is Heating Up

Not just the Taxman, the Twitter world also loves the paratha

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jun 14, 2020 14:20:12 IST
Roti Vs Paratha: The Battle Of The Breads Is Heating Up Who will win the battle of the breads?

In a recent ruling, the Karnataka bench of the Authority for Advanced Rulings (AAR) imposed a steep GST rate of 18% on frozen packaged parathas, in stark contrast to rotis, which only have a 5% GST rate.

The sheer ‘injustice’ of it all provoked the Twitterverse to rise up in arms and fight for good ol’ parathas by triggering a flurry of hilarious memes. Here, a look at some that went viral.

Pow-wows on the paratha

There’s a reason it’s called ‘roti, kapda, makaan’, not ‘paratha, kapda, makaan’. 


The GST ladder

And you thought the corporate ladder was the only one worth climbing up!

‘More the letters, higher the tax, right?’

Ever wonder how many spellings of paratha exist in India? How about different rates for each of the variations?


This food fascism needs to end. No one gets to decide what we should or shouldn’t eat. Are the paratha authoritarians listening?

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