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India's Sports Heroes

SHIV CHARAN took the class X board exams for the first time in 1969, and failed. However, he vowed to abstain from marriage until he passed the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Examinations. There was a ray of hope in 1995 when he managed to pass all the subjects, except mathematics. But he did not give up. At 82, this resident of Kohari village in Behror, Rajasthan sat for the exams once again this year, making it his 47th attempt. He failed in all the subjects. 'I will keep taking the exams till the time I'm alive,' he told news agencies. Now that's what we call fighting spirit.



THIS WAS NO ordinary big, fat Indian wedding. Mountaineer Anand Bansode decided to do away with the usual bells and whistles to formalize his marriage. Instead, he decided to marry Akshaya Arote in Solapur, Maharashtra, by reading the preamble to the Indian Constitution. The wedding took place on Republic Day, in January this year. How patriotic is that!

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THIS CLASS XII student of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board took cheating to a whole new level when he smuggled a red ink pen into his economics exam centre. After finishing, he checked the paper using the red pen and handed it in, but not before giving himself a 100 out of 100. A software the board uses to compile marks picked up the aberration as the student had scored abysmally in other subjects. He was also caught trying to do the same in the geography test. Wonder why he picked these subjects? Perhaps they were his favourite.     

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THE DELHI POLICE has uncovered a new trend among criminals that has left them scratching their heads. Criminals selling illicit liquor and drugs, and running illegal gambling rackets are installing CCTVs strategically to monitor police movements and avoid raids. Cops discovered this after busting a marijuana ring in Sangam Vihar. The ringleader ensured that the cameras were well hidden and the footage constantly monitored. In case of police presence, people monitoring the CCTV footage would inform the ringleader, who would quickly wrap up the drug deal. How is this for role reversal?



THE RELEASE of a Rajinikanth film is one of the biggest events in the country, especially in south India. After all, Thalaivar or leader, as he is lovingly called, is larger than life and worshipped by millions of fans. The Puducherry government decided to make the most of this devotion, so they ran a contest to celebrate the premiere of Kabali. The people of Sellipet panchayat were offered free tickets to the film, but only if they built toilets in their home. The government ran this scheme after discovering that 447 of the 772 homes in the village did not have a toilet. Apparently the scheme has been a roaring success. Idhu Rajini style (this is Rajini style)!


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