A Lesson In Decency, An Unlucky Viper And How To Dance Your Way Out Of A Jam

Some things happen only in India!

Ishani Nandi Updated: May 8, 2020 09:51:53 IST
A Lesson In Decency, An Unlucky Viper And How To Dance Your Way Out Of A Jam A man in Karnataka's Kolar district bit a snake into pieces after it crossed his path. Photo: Twitter

Drink responsibly, they say, but now there’s a twist

A global pandemic, panicking nations, an expensive sofa ruined by a splash of red wine … when will these senseless tragedies end? That last shocker occurred in the home of Mumbai industrialist Sanjay Jindal who hosted a mid-January housewarming party and gave his guests leave to explore his swanky new digs. One of the invited, entrepreneur and former actor Pinky Harwani accidentally spilled red wine from her glass on a sofa worth Rs 18 lakhs while taking a picture. Not only did the accident take place, but, in what was perhaps a far more serious affront, Pinky the perpetrator did not confess or apologise to the host for the transgression. The act was discovered only when Jindal the jasoos, routed out the truth by scouring security footage. In response to what he describes as “a case not about money but about decency” he sent poor Pinky a legal notice in February along with a hefty bill of Rs 2.13 lakh to replace the upholstery. Well we’ve heard it before but it bears repeating—social distancing really is the answer to our problems right now.

Source: Mumbai Mirror


Make way for the tippler

It was a happy day for Kumar, a 38-year-old construction worker from Kolar, Karnataka. After weeks under lockdown full of restrictions and physical distancing, the rules were finally relaxed and he could now reach a dear companion whom he missed with all his heart—booze. After a joyous reunion, a now drunk Kumar gathered up his precious stash and mounted his motorcycle to race home with single-minded focus. But in a dramatic turn of events that surely called for the emotional thunderbolts from TV’s Mahabharat, a viper slithered across his bike’s path. The interruption so infuriated the bottle-bhakt that he yelled “How dare you cross my path!”, ran over the serpent, picked it up, wrapped it around his neck and, quite unnecessarily, bit and chewed up the reptile into pieces. Onlookers responded with shock, horror and much videography and the footage soon went viral. Well, at least the people of Kolar now know exactly where not to be during happy hour. Someone should tell the wildlife too, no?

Source: Times of India


How to boogie your way out of a jam

Things must have been really slow in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, so much so that the district’s police constables would probably pay good money to watch paint dry. Why else would they make an apprehended lockdown violator perform an impromptu dance to a popular Sapna Choudhury song? The young man, sensing that singing for his supper, or in this case, dancing for his freedom, would be his ticket out of there, began gyrating to the catchy track with all the gusto of a cat on a hot tin roof. The police around the country have been getting pretty creative with punishments to those who flout lockdown restrictions, but the, now viral, video eventually resulted in the head of the station being suspended and then demoted. Social media was torn—was it just some lighthearted fun? Was the man being bullied into entertaining the policemen? Should the man audition for India’s Got Talent? So many questions, so much isolation time to come up with more.

Source: News 18

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