A Double-Headed Snake In A Delivery Bag. And, A Teacher Atop A Tree

These are some things that happen only in India!

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Apr 25, 2020 12:04:43 IST
A Double-Headed Snake In A Delivery Bag. And, A Teacher Atop A Tree Subrata Pati teaches perched atop a neem tree. (Photo: Twitter)

Crime rates have dropped across the country after the lockdown came into effect. The police would have thought that it would be no different, when the government permitted e-commerce companies to deliver essential goods to their customers.

But that wasn't the case in Bengaluru. After a tip-off, the Bengaluru police laid a trap and arrested two persons­­­—one of them an employee of an e-commerce platform, trying to sell a two-headed snake. The criminals later revealed that they were planning to sell it for ₹50 lakh. One of the arrested persons, Mohammad Rizwan, 26, had the snake hidden inside the bag provided by the e-commerce platform for packing goods—hoping that the bag would clear them of any suspicion.

According to the police, the snake is believed to bring good fortune. Surprisingly, though, that did not turn out to be the case with Rizwan and his accomplice. Even though they did devised a crime quite ingeniously, the Bengaluru police were a step ahead of them.

Source: The Indian Express


These are stressful times but for Subrata Pati, a resident of Ahonda village in West Bengal's Bankura district, it was on another level—quite literally. A history teacher at a private institute in Kolkata that trains civil service aspirants, Pati was in a fix when his employer wanted him to start online classes, for the students, during the lockdown. With no way to travel to Kolkata, 200 kilometres away, and a terrible mobile network in his village, Pati was caught in a bind.

But, someone in his village came to the rescue. His suggestion: The network on the higher branches of a particular neem tree was better than many other places. Clearly, his advisor had done some laborious research. Pati took the chance and when he found that the network was indeed quite decent up there, he set up a temporary platform on the tree. He now gives his classes from the top of the neem tree and has made a name for himself. Nobody would have known this history teacher, but for his ingenuity. Who knows, when the history of coronavirus is written one day, Pati may find a mention in the footnotes?

Source: The Telegraph
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