A Corona-Themed Auto, Thieves That Picked Liquor Over Cash And The Man With A Truck Full Of Onions

There are some things that can happen only in India!

Naorem Anuja Updated: Apr 30, 2020 10:31:32 IST
A Corona-Themed Auto, Thieves That Picked Liquor Over Cash And The Man With A Truck Full Of Onions Photo: Twitter

Have onions, will get home.

Home is, often, where the heart is—the force with which Prem Murti Pandey, who works at the Mumbai airport, felt this is evident in his story. A resident of Allahabad, Pandey wanted to get home, no matter the cost—and the price was steep!

With domestic travel shut down, and only essential goods and services allowed passage, Pandey made a plan. He bought 25,520 kilos of onions at Rs 9.10 per kg, shelling out Rs 2.32 lakh. Then, he hired a truck adding another Rs 77,500 to his ticket home. He set off on his 1200-km long journey home on April 20 and reached home on April 23. Ever the resourceful man, he reached home and headed straight to the nearby wholesale market to sell his produce, only to be disappointed—no buyer was willing to pay cash for the onions, which had got him home, safe and sound.

Source: indiatoday.in

The world’s first corona-themed vehicle

With the coronavirus stalking the planet, government agencies have charted creative ways to raise awareness about the safe practices essential to keep COVID-19 at bay. The newest entrant is the hot pink ‘Corona Auto’, patrolling the streets of Chennai. Created using over 165 plastic bottles, this modified auto is local artist Gautam’s handiwork. The artist is also the brain behind the ‘corona helmets’ worn by the Chennai police. The auto was flagged off by the Chennai Municipal Corporation on April 24, with the objective to send out a clear message—don’t leave your home without wearing a mask. Those violating this rule, will be fined Rs 100 and given five masks in lieu of that amount. Chennai’s streets may just benefit from having the “very first corona-auto in the world”.

Source: YouTube

For the love of alcohol

Incidents of burglars breaking open bars to steal liquor have spiked alarmingly, since the lockdown. Almost 50 such incidents have been reported from Bengaluru. The case of four thieves breaking open the shutter of the Kalinga Bar and Restaurant on SJP Road near KR Market in central Bengaluru and stealing Rs 20,000 worth of liquor bottles is evidently grabbing much attention. Unable to resist the temptation for a peg or two, the burglars even sat at a table and had a few drinks, strangely leaving the cash box untouched.

The CCTV cameras have recorded the incident and the KR Market police are reviewing the footage to identify the miscreants. The incident came to light only after an excise department inspector alerted the bar owner, after hearing the noise of someone breaking the roof of the establishment. By the time the owner rushed to the spot, it was too late. He has now filed a complaint with the police.

Source: Deccan Herald

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