Want To Burn Those Extra Calories? Don't Skip Skipping For A Day

Get a taut jump rope and get started

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 17, 2020 17:52:33 IST
Want To Burn Those Extra Calories? Don't Skip Skipping For A Day Photo: Shutterstock

We all know that skipping is a great way to stay fit and shed that extra fat.  

Skipping is one activity that requires minimal equipment—all you need is a skipping rope of the correct length and tautness. And you can practise it both at home and in a park or a garden.  

Benefits of skipping 

Apart from its role in helping you lose weight, skipping also greatly benefits your cardiovascular system. It also ensures that you attain the right balance, coordination and agility. Among other benefits, it also improves your heart rate and tones your body’s muscles. In other words, skipping is akin to an inexpensive full-body workout.

Before you get started

A skipping-rope regime may seem effortless, but it takes regular practice and hard work. Above all, one needs to be aware of the functions each body part performs while skipping. Make sure not to jump too high. You should land on your feet with your back straight, head and chest up, and shoulders pulled back. Also, the twirling of the ropes should be performed by your wrists, not the arms.

You’ll also need to make the right choice when it comes to the skipping rope, the footwear and the surface on which you are skipping. Both soft and hard surfaces have their advantages and disadvantages; however, as a rule, do not to try skipping on surfaces where you are likely to twist your ankles (carpet and grass, for instance) or bruise your bones and joints on repeated practice (concrete, for example). To determine the ideal length of the rope check if it reaches your shoulder level when folded in half, leaving you sufficient room to manoeuvre when skipping.

People with osteoporosis or other bone-related problems are advised to stay away from skipping as it may further exacerbate the conditions.

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