Your Beauty Tool Box

Five essentials every stylish person should be armed with to take on the world.

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Mar 3, 2020 14:56:43 IST
Your Beauty Tool Box

Beauty, for some of us, is everything. It’s about how you look, what you wear, what you eat, and the impression you make. It’s no wonder then that many women--and men--have started making an extra effort to look their best and be their best, not just for special occasions, but on an everyday basis. The impact is clear: at the workplace, social gatherings and even during a get-together at home. Many of us are willing to invest in tools and gadgets that can transform the way we look, from the comfort of their homes. From a multi-purpose hair styler, to a face steamer, an eye-lash curler, epilator and a face massager. A look at five beauty essentials every stylish person should be armed with to take on the world.


While there are the traditional methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair such as waxing and shaving, this one is easy and can be used on-the-go. Designed to pluck out hair directly from the roots, an epilator is more precise and therefore can eliminate even the finest of hair. Also, because it extracts the hair directly from the roots, the hair takes longer to grow back. The best way to get the most out of your epilator is to exfoliate beforehand. This will help remove dead skin and reduces chances of hair ingrowth. Use the epilator in circular motions to get the most out of it

Eyelash Curler

This one can transform dull, tired eyes into a movie star gaze in minutes. A good quality eyelash curler, if used correctly, can multiply the appearance of the lashes, can help open the eyes and make them look bright and fresh. Make sure it has good rubber pads for cushioning and grip.


Portable Face Steamer

A great tool to open up clogged pores to remove sebum and blackheads, a face steamer helps improve blood circulation. The steam hydrates the skin and restores its natural pH balance. Add a few drops of your favourite nourishing essential oil to nourish your skin and calm your mind. Besides, it also helps open blocked sinuses.

Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

It’s the most super cost-effective way of rejuvenating your skin and getting a facial-like glow, without rushing to the salon. A multifunctional cleanser and massager usually comes with interchangeable brushes. While the exfoliating brush can be used with a face wash to deeply cleanse the skin removing all impurities and dead skin, the massager can be used to apply a face oil or cream to relax facial muscles and help the oils deeply penetrate the skin to give it a healthy, natural glow.

Multipurpose Hair Styler

A two-in-one hair straightener and curler is the perfect tool for when you’re having a bad hair day. Try it out before heading out to the office or when you want a salon-ready look for a party, in a jiffy. Incredibly convenient to use, these now come with state-of-the art technology such as intelligent heat control and air styling that does not dry out or damage your hair but in fact leaves it looking healthy and shiny.

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