Smell Fresh And Step Out In Style With A Cologne

These light fragrances help you stay fresh for hours

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 3, 2020 21:30:18 IST
Smell Fresh And Step Out In Style With A Cologne Photo: Shutterstock

What separates cologne from other perfumes is its distinct light and fresh undertone, which is imparted by scent oils. This is also the reason why cologne has its own legion of aficionados.  

Just rub a few drops on the pulse point of your wrist or behind your ear lobes, and rest assured the fragrance will linger for a couple of hours.

Each cologne fragrance expresses a particular mood. For hot days, a mild and breezy fragrance is considered the best, whereas a woody or spicy one does the trick for the cold months. Make sure that the cologne suits your skin—take note of how it reacts with sweat and natural oils of your body.

Cologne also breaks down into several notes as it gradually wears off. Its top, middle and base notes dry up at different intervals, therefore, you get a slightly altered fragrance every few hours.  

However, you should look for options that do not lead to any kind of skin irritation.  Keep your cologne in a cool, dark and dry place.

Here are some tips on how to apply cologne the right way:

Apply after a shower

Take a shower before applying cologne as it cleanses the body of any external smell or odour that might have settled. A good bath opens the pores and helps in better absorption of cologne. Pat yourself completely dry before using it.

Spray it on warmer parts

A common mistake is to spray the fragrance on clothes which might damage fabrics. Instead, it’s advisable to apply cologne on body parts that have a tendency to stay warm (such as chest and neck)—the heat diffuses the scent and allows it to merge with your body’s odour.

Less is more 

Go for a light application of your favourite cologne, targeting specific spots. Pouring the entire bottle on yourself and letting the world know that you are wearing a fragrance will ruin the charm of cologne. Splashing, instead of spraying, cologne directly on the skin is also a strict no-no.

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