Say Yes To Flower Power

Believe it or not, blossoms can make you look and feel good every day.

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Mar 17, 2020 19:15:33 IST
Say Yes To Flower Power Photo: Shutterstock

Nature, particularly flowers, has been the source of inspiration for many. While William Wordsworth wrote about daffodils, Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “It is not enough merely to exist... I need freedom, sunshine and a little flower for a companion.” After all, flowers don’t just add aesthetic value to living spaces, but also have the power to uplift our mood.

Whether fresh, dried or in powdered form, here’s how flowers can help you look and feel better.

Staying Healthy with Hibiscus

Widely used in Ayurveda for its healing properties, the antioxidant-rich hibiscus plant is packed with goodness. Deliciously tart and refreshing, hibiscus tea can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Rich in vitamin C and minerals, it also helps fight digestive issues. Some studies suggest that the tea may help boost metabolism. Intake of hibiscus extract, according to some studies, may check accumulation of fat in the liver.

The hibiscus flower has many beauty benefits too. While its natural acids help purify the skin and speed up cell turnover, resulting in even skin tone, its antioxidants have anti-ageing properties. Hibiscus powder or oil is great food for hair.

Doing it Right with Rose

A symbol of love, the rose has been used by healers in herbal remedies, tea, oils and skincare formulations. Dried rose petals brewed as tea makes for a hydrating, aromatic infusion that helps reduce fatigue. Rose petal tea is especially rich in gallic acid, an antioxidant compound that has therapeutic benefits.

Rose water also makes for a great skin toner and an excellent hydrant for beauty packs and masks, as it helps balance the skin’s pH levels. The essential oils in rose moisturize the skin, making it look supple and youthful.

Fighting Stress with Jasmine

Derived from the Persian word Yasmin, meaning ‘gift from God’, the jasmine flower represents purity, simplicity, modesty and strength. Rich in antioxidants, jasmine flower tea helps relieve stress. Known for its soothing properties, jasmine oil makes for a great massage oil for skin rejuvenation.

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