Patients of Mild Kidney Ailments, Don't Panic

You can be kind to your kidneys by cutting down on salt and alcohol.

Samantha Rideout Updated: Sep 26, 2018 19:12:53 IST
Patients of Mild Kidney Ailments, Don't Panic

A promising outlook for a chronic kidney condition

If a doctor says you have mild chronic kidney disease, don't panic: British researchers followed 1,700 patients with that condition for five years, some of whom took medication to control their symptoms, and found that only four of them (0.2 per cent) progressed to the end stage of the disease. Meanwhile, 34 per cent remained stable and 19 per cent saw a complete remission. (The remaining patients either progressed to a lesser extent or died of unrelated causes.) You can be kind to your kidneys by cutting down on salt and alcohol. Signs of kidney disease include -nausea, fatigue, changes in how much you urinate and cramps.

Just say "I can do it"

When over 44,000 volunteers played an online game against a computer, those who were asked to use self-talk (e.g., telling themselves "I can beat my best score" or "I can react quickly next time") and imagery (e.g., imagining playing well) excelled beyond the control group, suggesting that these kinds of psychological skills are of real use in competitive situations.

Use the new hip

The main purpose of a hip replacement is to make movement less painful. That's why, after analyzing 17 post-op studies, doctors were surprised to discover that most patients don't become more physically active after the procedure. Like all surgeries, a hip replacement carries risks that may not be justified if recipients don't reap the benefits of the procedure. The authors recommend that doctors encourage patients to walk longer distances again, climb stairs and exercise after surgery.

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