Nail Your Beauty Routine With These Gel Enamels

Style and nail-care can go hand in hand with these smudge-proof enamels

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 21, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Nail Your Beauty Routine With These Gel Enamels Photo: Shutterstock

Gel nail enamels have become quite the trend in modern beauty routines. Often used in manicures, they provide more cover than regular acrylic polish.

Gel-based enamels are also easy on the nails and do not chip off readily on use. They are long-lasting and lend a durable coating along with a gloss that stays for weeks.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of gel-based nail enamels:


Gel enamel is formulated with stronger ingredients that sit well on nails. It is more flexible and can endure daily wear and tear. The colour also doesn’t break or peel off easily as some of these are cured under a UV light to make them durable.

Protects your nails

Gel enamels are especially good for weak  or damaged nails. The protective coating of the enamel acts as a barrier against dirt and pollutants, keeping the nails clean and healthy.  

Dries faster and smudge-proof

With gel enamels, you don’t have to wait for hours, waiting for the paint to dry. They are also smudge-proof. So, once applied, you can go about your work without worrying about your nails getting spoilt.

Various shades and design

You can experiment with a range of colour palettes.  From bold solids to light shades, you can try them all. Or, you can have custom-made designs to suit your personality.

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