Losing Sleep Over Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes? Under-Eye Gels Can Help You

Light and non-greasy, under-eye gels can fight a tired look

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jun 26, 2020 21:09:04 IST
Losing Sleep Over Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes? Under-Eye Gels Can Help You Photo: Shutterstock

Have you developed dark circles or puffy eyes as a result of working too long into the night? Then it is time to give your eyes some much-needed rest and care.

Eye strains are often associated with dark circles and puffy eyes; yet, more often than not, we end up not taking sufficient care. One way you can take care of these circles and swollen spots is by applying under-eye gels. These gels have ingredients packed with antioxidants and collagen that help repair the cells and tissues around your eyes. Some of them even come with UV ray-protection and anti-ageing formula.

However, ensure that the gel is compatible with your skin type. Here, a few tips to keep in mind while using them:

Don’t use excessively

Remember, less is more when it comes to these gels. The skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive. A pea-sized drop of the gel dabbed evenly around the area should suffice.

Keep your hands clean

Wash your hands regularly with soaps or apply sanitizer before applying an under-eye gel. This prevents germs from entering your eye and causing infections.

Apply it twice a day

For best results, you should ideally apply the gel both in the morning and at night to get rid of wrinkles and eye-bags.


Tip: If you have dry-eye problem, it is best you check with a doctor before applying an under-eye gel.

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