Kick-Start Your Week With This Fitness Routine!

Outdoor activities are not an option now. But you can stay fit while doing household chores

Nisha Varma Updated: Apr 6, 2020 15:20:20 IST
Kick-Start Your Week With This Fitness Routine!

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to improve the overall efficiency of your circulatory and respiratory systems.

To achieve this, you need to choose an activity like walking, cycling, swimming, running or equipment-based exercises. They increase your heart rate and force your lungs to take in more oxygen.

Since outdoor activities are not an option now, you can weave the cardio segment into your daily activities.

Remember that every individual has a different endurance limit. Follow your body’s response and stop if the activity gets too stressful, you get disoriented, dizzy or may feel faint.

Sweeping and mopping the floor area good way to start your cardio routine. Bending, straightening up, squatting, and moving in a squat position can push up the heart rate. The activity also stretches the pelvic floor and strengthens the muscles of the lower body. However, anyone with a back or a knee problem should only opt for a standing position.

Make sure you are safe as you do this. Never bend forward with your knees locked. Keep the knee and ankle aligned as you squat. Lift the bucket of water with your back aligned and avoid pitching your neck forward in any position or during an activity.

Stretch the lower back post sweeping and swabbing. Place both hands on a table and lean forward.

If you must step out, then taking the stairs is definitely a healthier option. It’s safer too as you avoid contact with a surface (think lift buttons, or sharing the lift with someone else). Avoid holding on to the railings as you manoeuvre the steps. Make stair climbing an interesting activity and add variety to your movements. For example, walk up a flight of stairs, run up the next, climb backwards in the next segment and run down again and finish it with knee-ups. Repeat for 20 minutes. You can make it a part of your routine, but be careful while practising it.

Stretch post workout. Sit, let your heels hang off the step and feel the stretch in the calves.

If you are living in total isolation, dancing to music videos is an enjoyable option to stay fit. If reading is your passion, then find a way to stand while you read. Walk in and around your house while listening to audio books.

Follow this space through the week for more such fitness tips.


Nisha Varma is an American College of Sports Medicine-certified exercise physiologist based in Pune.
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