Argan Oil: The 'Liquid Gold' That Is Making Waves In The World Of Beauty

Make the nutrient-rich argan oil a part of your grooming regime for healthy hair and skin

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 7, 2020 11:09:15 IST
Argan Oil: The 'Liquid Gold' That Is Making Waves In The World Of Beauty Photo: Shutterstock

If you are beauty-conscious and haven’t heard of argan oil yet, then you have possibly been living under a rock because this oil has taken the world of skin and hair care by storm. Often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is also marketed as Moroccan oil owing to its place of origin, Morocco. Here’s everything you need to know about this luxurious oil:

Oil that’s wonderful

Argan oil is derived from the Argan tree that grows in the south-western region of Morocco, by manually cracking open the nut of the argan fruit to get to the oil-rich kernels inside. The kernels are then ground and pressed to extract unfiltered argan oil, which then undergoes decantation and filtration to get a clearer oil, which is then bottled.

“The end result is an extremely nourishing oil that easily penetrates the skin to boost moisture and activate the creation of natural lipids (aka fats) to protect the skin barrier,” Erum Ilyas, MD, a dermatologist at Montgomery Dermatology in Pennsylvania, US, tells Prevention.

For your skin and nails

As you age, you produce less collagen, which leads to your skin looking dry, thin and wrinkled. Rich in beauty-enhancing nutrients, such as fatty acids, vitamin E, squalene, and antioxidants, argan oil can hydrate and moisturize your skin, making it look soft and youthful.

A study published in the journal Menopause Review suggests that the application of argan oil helps improve skin hydration “by restoring the barrier function and maintaining the water-holding capacity”.

It’s also known to be good for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and acne—the oil can help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. The vitamin E in the oil helps improve nail health. You can massage the oil on your nails every once in a while.

For your hair

To get healthy hair, you must first focus on having a healthy scalp. Because of its light texture, argan oil can easily penetrate the scalp and condition it from within. “Argan oil’s molecules are smaller than other oils, so it’s easier to penetrate the hair cuticles, which will make hair softer and more manageable with less tangles and dryness,” says Stephanie Brown, an NYC-based master hair colourist, in a Prevention article.

Massaging the scalp with a few drops of argan oil for a few minutes daily can help promote hair growth.

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