All You Homebound People, Show Your Feet Some Tender Loving Care

Simple tips to keep your feet happy 

Poonam Boro Updated: May 10, 2020 11:48:40 IST
All You Homebound People, Show Your Feet Some Tender Loving Care Photo: Shutterstock

All through the day, your feet hold you up, carrying your entire body weight. Yet, your feet often don’t get the love and care they deserve.

Here are a few simple footcare tips that won’t make you break into a sweat.

Buff Them Right

While in the shower, use a foot file or a pumice stone to get rid of dead skin and calluses on your feet. Don’t go overboard with the sloughing. You can also use a foot scrub to remove dead skin from under your feet and help them breathe.

Moisturize More

Wash your feet every night and apply a foot cream while they are still wet (this helps the skin to soak in the moisture better). It also prevents your feet from getting dry and cracking up.

Trim Your Nails

Neatly trimmed toe nails are sure to make your feet look better. The right way to clip your toenails is to cut them straight across and then gently file the corners with a nail file instead of clipping them. Regular trimming can help check ingrown toenails. 

Cuticle Care

Cuticles protect your nails against infection. If you are doing a pedicure at home, don’t cut your cuticles as doing so can make it easier for germs and bacteria to enter your nails, leading to an infection. You can instead push your cuticles back with a wooden orange stick.

You can soften your cuticles by soaking them in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and applying oil on your toenails, every two weeks.

Paint Them Pretty

Once your feet are clean, smooth and hydrated, paint them a pretty hue. Make sure that you let your nails breathe between polish changes to maintain nail health and prevent them from discolouration. 

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