Easy Exercises With Dumbbells That Can Help You Stay Fit

Dumbbells can make your exercise routine more challenging

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 6, 2021 23:50:06 IST
Easy Exercises With Dumbbells That Can Help You Stay Fit Photo: Shutterstock

Enough has been said about the innumerable benefits of exercising regularly. We all know that it helps in weight management, strengthens our heart, bones and muscles, reduces the risk of many diseases and keeps us mentally active. 

Here are 5 exercises that will help you stay fit and shape up. You can make these exercises more challenging by adding dumbbells to your routine. Dumbbells will give your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles a good workout.    

High Knees

This metabolism-boosting cardio exercise engages the core, strengthens your leg muscles, gets your heart rate up and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility. Perform it at a fast pace to reap maximum benefits.

Jumping Jacks

A fun, full-body exercise, jumping jacks is a great cardio workout for burning excess calories. It also makes your lungs stronger. 


Besides strengthening and toning your legs and butt, squats also target your core muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and help burn calories, fast. 


One of the most popular core exercises that helps build stability and strengthens your entire body, the plank has become quite the rage with people taking up challenges and trying to break records. Planks work on a number of muscles, making them a go-to exercise for strength training and endurance. 


The regular, simple push-up works almost every muscle in your body, helping you build stamina and strength.

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