4 Reasons Why A Face Massager Should Be A Beauty Must-Have

A good face massager can cleanse and relax your face muscles so that you get that glow

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jun 24, 2020 20:53:18 IST
4 Reasons Why A Face Massager Should Be A Beauty Must-Have Photo: Shutterstock

Everyone enjoys heading to a spa once in a while for a deeply rejuvenating facial. However, as much as you may like it, it’s not always possible to take out the time for it or pay an exorbitant price for an expensive treatment every week. Therefore, having a hand-held face massager at home can be a blessing. By incorporating a quick DIY massage routine into your daily skin care, you can take years off your skin and brighten up your complexion. Here are four reasons why you should be getting one right away.

For a radiant skin

Erratic sleeping and eating patterns and poor lifestyle habits such as sitting in an air-conditioned room for long hours, combined with external factors such as exposure to air pollution and smoke, can take a massive toll on your skin—making it dull, lifeless, puffy and pale. A simple DIY facial massage with a manual roller or an electric massager can do you tonnes of good. It not only helps improve the blood and oxygen flow in your skin but also deep cleanses it.  The circular motion of the roller or the brush is also great for opening blocked pores and removing dead skin, excess oil and blackheads. The result is a skin that looks healthy and radiant.

The right way to do it

How to go about it, you may ask. In an Elle article, Julia Baba, an aesthetician with The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, suggests you “start upward. Massage the neck and décolletage area, gently working toward the forehead and tending to the pressure points along the way. Be sure to concentrate on the delicate skin around the eye area with gentle circular motions.” If you are stepping out of a hot shower, Baba suggests, you splash some cold water on your skin because the contrast “helps to stimulate blood circulation”.

Helps relieve stress

We all lead high-pressure lives, trying to manage too many things simultaneously which can be very stressful. With hectic work hours and so much anxiety, our facial muscles constantly feel tense and tight. Just the way a facial at a salon or spa helps release stress and tension, the same way, a hand-held face massager can help roll the blues away. By focusing on the pressure points on your face with the massager, you can relieve muscle tension and stress in a few minutes.

Aids absorption

Besides tightening your skin, brightening your complexion and helping you release stress, face massager also aids better absorption of skincare products like serums and creams, making them more effective.

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