For The Perfect Workout, You Need To Wear The Right Clothes

Having the right workout wear is as important as the workout itself

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 6, 2021 23:52:46 IST
For The Perfect Workout, You Need To Wear The Right Clothes Photo: Shutterstock

While following an exercise routine is important to stay healthy and in shape, wearing the right clothes will help you improve your performance. Make sure your workout wear is made of light and airy fabric that lets your skin breathe. Heavy fabrics will weigh you down and hinder your movements, thereby reducing productivity. Choose clothes that are comfortable without being baggy—you should be able to perform your exercises without constantly fiddling with your top or pants.

Avoid rubber-based or plastic-based fabrics that don’t let you breathe and prevent the sweat from evaporating—this can raise your body temperature to high levels. Women should also take care to get the right inner-wear for workout. 

Pro-tip: Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, dizziness and nausea so make sure you keep a water bottle with you every time you exercise. Keep hydrating yourself every 30 minutes.

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