Blame It On The Coronavirus: The Perfect Excuse For You Is Here!

Social distancing can be a blessing, you know!

Kritika Banerjee Updated: Mar 18, 2020 13:10:32 IST
Blame It On The Coronavirus: The Perfect Excuse For You Is Here! Photo: Shutterstock

That crashing bore of a friend you have been avoiding wants to meet for coffee, but hey isn’t this the season for social distancing?

Consider its advantages and smile!

Say No to Nosy Relatives

Family functions can be a bummer, right? The food may be good, but the barrage of questions from nosy relatives will likely kill your appetite. ‘Your cousin is getting married, when’s your big day?’, ‘You’ve been married for 5 years! What about starting a family?’, ‘You have a daughter? You should plan for a son, and complete your family!’

Now, with every health advisory asking you to stay indoors, you have the perfect cover against these relentless aunts and uncles. If they threaten to come over, just say you have a cold!

Perks of Work from Home

As a precautionary measure to check the spread of Coronavirus, many offices have asked (or are asking) employees to work from home. While some are still debating if this will improve or hit productivity, there’s a section that is perhaps silently rejoicing. Are you one of those who feel tired seeing the same faces every day at workplace: the horrible boss, the receptionist from hell, and the colleague with body odour? The work-from-home option is a godsend.

Procrastinate Tomorrow

Are you a world-class procrastinator? Have a book lying at your friend’s place but don’t want to pick it up this week? Your mother wanted you to collect the blankets from the laundry last week, but you haven’t done it yet?

If you have run out of every other excuse in the book, you can now blame it all on the Coronavirus. Staying at home is just safer, isn’t it?

Uncle Scrooges Rejoice

By now everyone knows you are tightfisted. But you still pretend that isn’t the case and hold back from nixing plans (movie, eating out or a cruise at the mall), in case it lands you in choppy waters, or worse, it gets you tagged as the miserly Uncle Scrooge. Well, now is your time to strike hard, and save. You can be the Uncle Scrooge and tell your children or partner that they should hold their horses, and they won’t get to complain either!

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