Your Phone Is Your Lifeline. Time You Show You Care For It

Here are some simple tips to ensure your mobile phone is in top shape and lasts long

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 8, 2020 13:33:45 IST
Your Phone Is Your Lifeline. Time You Show You Care For It Photo: Shutterstock

It helps you navigate when you’re lost, peps you up with good music when you’re feeling low, tells you what’s new in the world, helps you with cool tips when you’re baking a cake and is your go-to guide for pretty much everything in life.

Yes, your cell phone has become an essential, the one you can’t do without in any given situation. But are you doing enough to keep your mobile in top shape? Here are tips to help you going:

Handle it with care

We tend to carry our smartphones with us everywhere, whether it’s the kitchen to browse through a recipe online while cooking or to the bathroom to read the latest news. While doing so, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your phone is safe from water, scratches, and so on. Make sure you don’t keep your phone screen down on any surface—this can scratch your phone screen or cause irreparable damage. Never use your smartphone with wet or soiled hands.

Use a quality screen guard

A broken and scratched screen is one of the worst things that can happen to your phone, ruining the display. And, getting it replaced/repaired can be a costly proposition.

Use a tempered glass screen protector to guard your phone against frequent scratches—it is unlikely you will regret this small investment for your expensive phone.  

Go for a sturdy case

A good case can prevent damage to your phone screen as well as the body in case of an accident—you happen to drop it when on a run or it slips out of your pocket when you’re going down the stairs.

A good, hard cover solid case is especially important if you have butter fingers and have a tendency to drop your phone every now and then. Choose a waterproof case for added protection because even body sweat, other than of course water, can cause serious damage to your cell phone.

Be battery wise

Most people tend to overcharge their phones, fearing it might run out of battery. But leaving your phone to charge overnight is a practice you should stop because it reduces the life of your phone battery. At the same time, don’t wait for your battery to show a zero per cent charge before plugging it in—it also affects your battery’s life span.

When you see your phone’s battery is left with 30-40 per cent charge, it is a good time to plug your phone to a charger.   

Clean your phone regularly

Your phone accompanies you everywhere. You pick up a host of germs and bacteria from the places you visit, the things you touch and eat and then use the same hands to take out the phone from your pocket.

Other than causing health hazards, in the long run, it is also not good for your phone. Make sure you routinely sanitize your mobile phone with a proper mobile phone screen cleaner. First, dry wipe and dust your phone with a clean, soft cloth and a brush. Next, spray the cleaner on a disinfectant wipe (make sure it does have too much moisture) and clean your mobile’s surface. Finish it off with a dry cloth wipe again. Air dry your phone before you use it.

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