Your Phone Is Your Lifeline. Time You Show You Care For It

A good-quality, sturdy case can provide your phone optimum protection

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 13, 2021 23:14:04 IST
Your Phone Is Your Lifeline. Time You Show You Care For It Photo: Shutterstock

It helps you navigate when you’re lost, peps you up with good music when you’re feeling low, tells you what’s new in the world, helps you with cool tips when you’re baking a cake and is your go-to guide for pretty much everything in life.

You tend to carry your smartphone everywhere, which is why it’s incredibly important to ensure that your phone is safe from water, scratches, and so on. A good cover can prevent damage to your phone screen as well as the body in case of an accident—you happen to drop it when on a run or it slips out of your pocket when you’re taking the stairs.

A sturdy cover is especially important if you have butter fingers and tend to drop your phone every now and then. Choose a waterproof case for added protection because even body sweat can cause serious damage to your cellphone.


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