You Can Save Money And Space With These Smart Pieces Of Furniture

Make your home more spacious with these versatile pieces of furniture

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 9, 2020 00:00:00 IST
You Can Save Money And Space With These Smart Pieces Of Furniture Photo: Shutterstock

While palaces are for kings and queens, most of us are looking for a small nest we can call home. In today’s day and age, space is a luxury and we must make sure that every inch is utilized. The key is to not make your home look over-stuffed yet have enough space to keep all your belongings properly. Here, furniture is of utmost importance—the right kind can make your house look bigger and more spacious.

Invest in space-saving, multi-purpose furniture that are designed to do double duty and also provide you more space to move around. Here are some options—with extra storage, collapsible add-ons, and easy-stow-away designs—that are super-efficient.


You can use the sofa every day, and when needed quickly convert it into a comfortable bed for friends and family. Whether you place it in a small guest room to give it a more spacious look or in the living room, a well-designed sofa-cum-bed is not only functional but also convenient to use.

They come in a variety of materials and designs and you can choose one based on your interior decor and need. Pick one which is easy to convert and comfortable to sit and sleep on.

Extendable dining table

An extendable dining table is the perfect solution for small apartments. When you have guests over, just open the leaves of the table and you can easily cater to a party in style. It makes the dining area more versatile. When not in use, you can fold the leaves, making it a cosy table for two or four, depending on your need.

Nest of tables

Super easy to move around, nesting tables are a must-have multi-functional furniture for small spaces. They can be stacked together when not in use to fit into a compact space or spread around the room for parking glasses and snacks when you have guests over. You can also pull them out just a bit so that they overlap each other and look like a designer three-tier coffee table. You can also use them as stools or as bedside tables.

Storage benches and ottomans

Storage benches and ottomans are versatile and efficient and you can keep them just about anywhere in your home. You can store your child’s toys, bed linen or those extra cushions in them to de-clutter your home. Move them around the living room when you have guests over for extra seating. They can also double up as tables if need be.

Coffee tables with storage or stools

Ideal for small living rooms where you cannot accommodate heavy furniture, coffee tables with stools not only look smart but are also utilitarian. Just push the stools in when not in use and pull them out when entertaining a large gathering. Some designs also come with added storage space where you can keep magazines and books.

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