You Can Do So Much More With Milk Powder Than Just Adding It To Your Tea

If you are left with too many packets of diary creamer which will expire soon and you don’t know what to do with them, here’s help

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 18, 2020 18:51:06 IST
You Can Do So Much More With Milk Powder Than Just Adding It To Your Tea Photo: Shutterstock

It may not be an ideal replacement for regular milk, but powdered milk is convenient to use, lasts long, and is especially useful when you run out of your regular milk. This pantry staple is surprisingly versatile and you can use it in several ways besides as a whitener in your tea or coffee.

Cook with it

If your recipe calls for milk and you’ve run out of it, use powdered milk instead. First check your recipe for the amount of milk it needs, then check the package for the amount of powdered milk you would need to make the desired liquid milk. Once you have got the measurements right, add the powder directly to the dry baking ingredients, such as flour, baking powder, or baking soda. Add water (the quantity that was mentioned in the powdered milk package) in the recipe step where the liquid milk should have come and voila, your batter is ready.

You can also add ¼ cup low-fat or skimmed milk powder to each cup of liquid milk you would use when baking muffins, cookies, yeast breads, cakes or biscuits or even pancakes. This will make your goodies turn brown faster. Just go easy on the sugar, since milk powder tends to be naturally sweet.

To make a heart-warming instant hot chocolate, mix 2 cups of cocoa powder, 4 cups of instant powdered milk, ¼ teaspoon of salt and ½ cup of sugar (you can also add a teaspoon of your favourite spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg). Combine all the ingredients and store in an air-tight jar. Mix the desired amount with hot water and serve.

Try milk therapy

Milk can help soothe irritated skin, it can work as a natural moisturizer as well as a cleanser. To get the most out of it, try the traditional milk bath where you can use milk powder instead of milk. Fill your bath with warm water and add a generous amount (at least 2/3 cup) of powdered milk to it. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for added benefits. Enjoy a nice long soak for soft and nourished skin and hair.

If a milk bath seems difficult, try a milk face pack. A quick beauty remedy, it will help rejuvenate your skin and improve your complexion. Put a few scoops of powdered milk in a small bowl and add just enough rose water or plain water to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face and neck. Let the paste dry, then rinse it off with cold water for soft, smooth skin. You can also add oats to this mixture if you’re looking for a nourishing skin exfoliator. 

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