Window Of Opportunity

The right choice can dramatically improve how your home looks and feels

By Ishani Nandi Updated: Mar 19, 2019 10:42:31 IST
Window Of Opportunity

Windows play an important role in every house. And yet, these essential features are often overlooked when homes are constructed or refurbished. Keep the following tips in mind while building or renovating.

Answer a need: Evaluate rooms to identify what purpose a window would best serve. Bedrooms need natural light and privacy; dining areas should feel airy and spacious; kitchens have practical needs such as easy cleaning and plenty of ventilation.

The right direction: “Check the orientation of your house or plot,” says Delhi-based architect Mallika Kumar. “West-facing windows need protection from summer heat; north-side windows bring in softer light; the east lets in bright morning sunshine.”

Protection first: Window materials determine aesthetics but, more importantly, they should protect your interiors from bad weather, dust, pollution, humidity, pests and ambient noise. So, whether wood, steel, aluminium or uPVC, choose what suits the environment in which you live. 

Manage temperatures: Make energy-efficient choices that will ease up power bills and maintenance costs. Window design, type of glass, glazing, insulation and seals can all greatly help warm or cool your rooms.

Complement interiors: Make windows the focal point of a room through different styles and shapes. They can also frame a great view, which will add to a room’s décor.

Experiment with glass: Have fun with the numerous available glass types, such as textured (frosted, etched or bubbled) to diffuse light, stained or tinted to add a pop of colour or mirrored for privacy.

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