What Makes Garment Steamer A Wardrobe Essential

Rushing for a meeting but don’t have the time to iron your clothes? A garment steamer can be a life-saver

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 31, 2020 00:00:00 IST
What Makes Garment Steamer A Wardrobe Essential Photo: Shutterstock

How often have you opened your wardrobe in the morning to choose something to wear to work and found almost every piece of clothing with either creases or wrinkles? This is where a garment steamer can be a life-saver.

Why it’s a good buy

A garment steamer can make your clothes look fresh and wrinkle-free at home or even when you’re travelling. It is especially good for delicate fabrics, think sarees, business suits, lehengas, dupattas, dresses. Pleats and ruffles which are otherwise difficult to iron can be managed easily with a garment steamer. This one-time buy can save you a lot of money you spend on dry-cleaning bills.

How to use

Garment steamers or fabric steamers work on the principle of turning water into steam. The hot steam, when blown over wrinkled material, loosens the bonds of the fabric, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

Once you have filled the water tank and switched the device on, wait for 2-3 minutes for the water to start vaporizing. Hang your garment. Now, you just need to press the plate of your steamer against the garment and move it vertically.  

Types of steamers

There are three types of garment steamers currently available in the market—portable steamers, handheld steamers and larger vertical models with clothes hanger.

Portable or travel steamers are ideal for those on the move who don’t want to spend on hotel laundry bills every time they need to get their clothes ironed. If you’re looking for light, everyday ironing for a small family, then a handheld steamer is the best option. Though a handheld machine is similar to the travel model, it has a larger water tank and offers relatively powerful steaming action.

A standing garment steamer comes with a water well and a base machine that rests on the floor, with a long tube connecting the base to the nozzle. This is a great machine if you are looking for a professional service at home. A bit expensive, it comes with different setting options for different fabrics.

Bonus point: You can use your garment steamer to steam-clean your upholstery and curtains as well. 

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