What Is A Smart TV? Everything You Need To Know

Why smart TVs are worth your buck

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 31, 2020 11:55:27 IST
What Is A Smart TV? Everything You Need To Know Photo: Shutterstock

With the boom of OTT platforms, both our traditional TV-viewing habits and options have undergone a sea change. With much of our daily dose of entertainment and information coming from online portals, investing in a television set that allows you to watch free-to-air shows, pay TV and explore online content is a smart choice. 

How does it work

In a departure from a regular TV set, a smart TV comes equipped with an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the user to connect to the internet. Once your TV is connected, it will display an on-screen menu of the available internet channels in the form of apps. While some apps come pre-loaded with your smart TV, you can always add more to its app library.

One can navigate through the smart TV menu and manage their applications too, like you do on your smart devices. You even get the option of downloading content from various web platforms and schedule them to watch later. Depending on the brand and model you choose, navigation details will vary. 

Benefits of smart TV

A smart TV extends the TV-viewing experience to include a wide range of online content. Instead of consuming online content on smaller screens, such as mobiles, tablets or computers, a smart TV makes for a better viewing experience. 

You can operate a smart TV either from a remote control or check its compatibility with your phone. This way you can keep a track of what you wish to watch at your convenience. Some newer models come equipped with a camera and video conferencing options, which means that you can even attend your next Zoom meeting with the device! 

Value for all

Are the young in your family into gaming? Your smart TV can come with similar utilities and can be attached with gaming consoles. Be it sports, news, entertainment, technology or wellness, a smart TV has a solution for all age groups by offering plenty of categories based on your interests and viewing preferences. 

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